WPEL Private Aviation

WPEL Private Aviation

World class private aviation services, enriched by a haven of award-winning travel consultancy and lifestyle management. 

Extraordinary times await​

From private jet or helicopter charter, to leasing, fractional, syndicate or outright ownership, we can make a complex process simple and seamless for you.

Years of experience allows us to ensure that everything is certified at the highest level.​ Your precious cargo, whether family or business associates can relax knowing every detail is meticulously managed.

Entrust us with your precious time... and we’ll show you where unbridled freedom can really go.​


Aircraft Charter

With so many available options, let us guide you through the challenge of sourcing the correct aircraft for your next private jet or helicopter charter.

At WPEL our transparent and flexible approach allows you to take control under the guidance and supervision of expert aviation advisors. Our personal touch and full understanding of your travel needs allows us to present the aircraft most suited to your trip.

Whether you need a helicopter transfer, a private jet for business or would like to enjoy a spectacular round the world vacation, relax and trust that our professionalism and integrity will guarantee the best aviation solution.


Safety. Above all.

Above all, your safety and security is our upmost priority. Years of experiences allows us to guarantee you will be chartering an aircraft with a valid AOC (Air Operator Certificate) or Part 135 Certificate (USA).

We obtain copies of the latest operator and aircraft airworthiness certificates for every flight, all of which we are happy to share with you. Further to that, we ensure that your charter operator will additionally name you, your business and your loved ones on the aircraft insurance documentation.


An enriching altitude

At WP Exclusive Luxury, we believe your inflight dining experience should be as pleasurable and luxurious as the aircraft you are travelling in.

We understand that at altitude, the chemical make-up of food and drink changes and your taste buds can be altered by cabin pressure. Working closely with the world’s leading inflight catering teams, we can design the most exquisite menus to perfectly match your travel experience and global destination.


Jet Cards & Fractions

For the discerning traveller looking for more than just an ad-hoc charter service, WP Exclusive Luxury can advise and assist you with the purchase and management of your Jet Card or Fractional Programme.

Independent consultation allows us to manage the utilisation of your jet hours and advise when a charter flight is more suitable. Take advantage of having your very own ‘Flight Department’ whose sole task is to ensure you benefit from the best products in the market for a fair and appropriate price.


Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft leasing can prove to be the perfect solution you have never considered. Short term leasing can help to bridge the gap between an aircraft sale and a new aircraft delivery, or service a specific business or personal need where you have a high demand period for air travel. All options can be considered and WP Exclusive Luxury can help source the aircraft, crew and operator that best fits your profile.


Aircraft Ownership

Integrity, above all. WP Exclusive Luxury offers discreet, professional and consummate advice throughout your private jet lifecycle. Trust us to coordinate and manage the relationship with your sales broker, manufacturer, aircraft operator, maintenance provider and crew. Harnessing the best services each one can offer and harmonising their interaction so you can truly enjoy the benefits of your investment.



Aircraft Charter, Leasing and Ownership. WP Exclusive Luxury is the epitome of Private Aviation. Just say the word.