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Carol safaris in Botswana

A safari in Botswana with WP Exclusive Luxury is unlike any other adventure experience you have ever had. A heart-stopping game drive in search of the big cats or serene nature cruises aboard a Mokoro, ancient watercraft of the Okavango people. Botswana has all of the drama, pace and luxury you desire. Combined with the most unique camps, finest dining and of course our concierge service, our Botswana Safaris are pivotal life-changing journeys that will help shape your soul.

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Huge elephants look small in the distance as they approach the water. The drama here is relaxed, paced. The river is also on many of the sport fishing community’s bucket list both for the Tigerfish, said to be the fiercest fish to land but also the huge catfish feeding in their famous runs. This event is so spectacular, it is the riverine equivalent of the great migration.It doesn’t matter who you are, the contagious enthusiasm of your guide coupled with the absolute strangeness of the environment draws you into the majestic story of the delta and the animals you’ll find there. Seeing a pride of lions isn’t enough, you want to know what they are doing, what they will do next, what makes them jump and more importantly: what is around the next bend?

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Tented Camp is how it is described, but this is Five Star Tented Camping! The finest hotel room, complete with all the style, art and wi-fi you would expect - just with a canvas roof. Outside deck and plunge pool sound great on paper, but when you have been out on adventure and you do make it back to camp, buzzing with adrenaline, you’ll find it hard not to resist the quality of the service. Imagine returning sweaty and dusty, then finding your copper bath, overflowing with bubbles and steaming in the hot African air. Delicacies are provided daily, meals fragranced with the wild flavours growing in abundance everywhere. World class cuisine bursting with colour, set on perfect linen is one thing, enjoying this with your table set out on the savannah with nothing but wilderness between you and the sunset is another dining experience entirely.

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